Too many websites look alike and you can’t tell one company from the other. If you want customers to remember your site it needs to stand out from the crowd. Try these 5 differentiation techniques. You’ll then witness how it can help to get people to pay attention to your site.

Big compelling images
Using big and beautiful images contributes to design and will make them more interesting and thus your website more appealing. A visual communicates your ideas much faster than any text. Images are very powerful – they have power to cause action, change moods, and create feelings.

Karma is using big images in the header combined with a clean and minimal design.


Font size matters
One thing that many great websites have in common is their use of large font sizes. Large fonts allow you to quickly scan pages to get the main message of the article or website. Reading larger words provokes a stronger emotional effect in the brain than the same words presented in smaller type, according to a recent study.

Teehan+Lax website is clean and functionalistic, and makes good use of large font sizes.


Perfect colors
Coming up with the right colors for your websites can be vital. So pick colors that work well together. Make sure they summarize the content, or at least attract the users attention. Colors that work together stand out.

MailChimp created something unique and colorful while at the same time keeping it clean and elegant.


Keep It Simple
The importance of both white space and simplicity shouldn’t be underrated. Used correctly, they can enhance the performance of a web-site, improve readability and make a great first impression. The easier it is to process things, the more we like those things. For that reason you want to make a very simple and clean website that is easy for consumers to digest. Enough white space makes a website look ‘clean’ and easy to focus on the main message and visuals of your website.

Apple’s website is famous for its extensive use of white space.


Be different
Find a way to be different by looking at everything your competition is doing online, and then do the exact opposite. By doing things differently, you’re certain to stand out from your competition. Being different is what gets you attention, not following the crowd. Your website should help your customer to remember that you exist and what you stand for. Adding little touches or something unexpected makes your website more memorable and lets it stand out from the pack.

Google’s website is both beautiful and effective. Using large photos as the primary design component for the homepage.


If you can make it happen on all of these levels, your website will set itself apart from much of the competition. So get get designing and stand out.

What are your keys to creating a stand out website? Share your thoughts in the comments below.